Privacy Policy

Knights Education Consultant Limited ("KNIGHTS EDUCATION", "we", "our" or "us") respects your legal rights of privacy when collecting, storing, using, and transmitting personal data and this PICS explains our privacy practices. It is our policy to comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) of the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. In doing so, we will ensure compliance by our staff to the strictest standards of security and confidentiality.

Please read the following carefully to understand our policy and practices regarding how your personal data will be treated. This policy applies to all registered and unregistered users of the Website and may from time to time be revised, or otherwise changed where we deem necessary.

Words or terms used in this PICS which are not specifically defined in this PICS have the meaning given to them in the Terms of Use.

If there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese version of this PICS, the English version shall prevail.

"Personal data" means any personally identifying information or data (such as names, email addresses, Octopus numbers, record of trips undertaken on the KNIGHTS EDUCATION, gender, mobile number, date of birth, occupations, your income, education level) from which it is practicable for the identity of an individual to be ascertained.

Purposes for which we will use your Personal Data

We collect your personal data when you register as a member or user of a service on the Website.

If you are under the age of 18 you must ask your parent or guardian before providing any personal data to us.

The purposes for which we may use your personal data will vary depending on the type of service(s) you are applying for and will be stated in the application form of the relevant service(s).


In cases where we do collect personal data from you, we will:

  1. If Knights Education decides to sell any relevant part of business, to any actual or proposed assignee, transferee, or successor of or to Knights Education’s rights in respect of your personal data.
  2. Any agent, contractor or third-party service provider who provides administrative, telecommunications, computer, and other services to Knights Education and/or the relevant service(s) that you are applying to; and
  3. Any person to whom Knights Education is under an obligation to make disclosure under the requirement of any law binding on Knights Education or for the purposes of any guidelines or codes of practice issued by regulatory or other authorities with which Knights Education is expected to comply.

Direct Marketing

KNIGHTS EDUCATION may use your name, contact number, correspondence address, email address and electricity consumption data for marketing energy and energy savings related products, services (including digital services such as e-bill and mobile payment channels), programs (including the associated rewards and redemption offers) and education; and electrical appliances offers, events organized by KNIGHTS EDUCATION Group companies in Hong Kong and making appeals for non-profit organizations.

If you wish us to exclude your personal data for direct marketing purposes, please send us an email, along with your name and account number to our Data Protection Officer at info@knights.com.hk or call us on 2854-2288. It processed within 10 days of notification without charge.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files, generally of letters and numbers, downloaded onto a device when users access the websites. They are widely used to make websites work, or for the website to work more efficiently. Cookies are created when a user's browser loads a particular website. The website sends information to the browser which then creates a text file. Every time the user goes back to the same website, the browser retrieves and sends this file to the website's server. Cookies have several functions, including, among others, collecting information of and remembering users’ preferences, using shopping cart, and generally facilitating users’ use of the website.

We use cookies to perform certain functions, namely:

  1. Facilitate your navigation on our website and the use of its features to providing you with a seamless experience.
  2. Improve our website.
  3. Deliver targeted advertising.
  4. Collecting information about how you use our website to provide you with a better experience by measuring which areas of our website are of greatest interest to you or to remember you when you return to visit us.

Your Rights

Knights Education informs that you can exercise, at any time and without any formalities the rights provided for by the applicable law, by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: info@knight.com.hk

Latest update: Nov 2022